The Change You Wanted Was Rejected

Uncategorized Aug 29, 2019

Emilie Hoffman                            mind/body guide

Sometimes the universe throws something at you that is all at once crushing and hilarious.

I sat down here to write you guys this post and I got an error message from my computer "The change you wanted was rejected."

LOL! That was just too fitting.

So, I've been talking a big game lately about huge life changes and I found myself in a place where I believed I was doing too much talking and not enough doing. 

I put my foot down to do more doing that reflected my talking, which I thought meant making a huge change!

But to be honest, the closer I've gotten to my action date, the worse I feel. My excitement is waning, I feel more tired, stuff my husband does is bothering me, and I'm dissatisfied more often than usual. Yes, I have been noticing all of those things, but I was also doubting what I was noticing because of the whole "feel the fear and do it anyway, leap and the net will appear" approach I thought I had to take. 

Frankly, I was being kind of impatient, unaccepting of where I'm really at and ready for, and a little bit trying to prove my strength by bullheadedly pushing through something that isn't aligned at this very moment. 

But you know what the realest proof of strength and worthiness is? Following your inner-guidance in every moment. 

don't actually want to make a huge change right now. I want to make a few smaller changes that make big changes more smooth in the future. Yes, there will be some nervousness and a leap of faith. There always is, but it doesn't have to be sooo big right now.

I'm not giving up on big changes, but I am turning my attention away from the change itself and more toward the things that support it and make me feel good.  

Just in the nick of time, the universe put everything on pause so I had a moment to be with my inner-guidance. 

Initially I dumped all the way down to the lowest low of total helplessness and complete inadequacy. Then I took my own advice and got some help from other friends and mentors.

You know what's really helpful in times like this? Not thinking so much!

Move your body. Stop guzzling coffee. Surprise your nervous system with how much it can shift when you grasp your own power for the most basic meaningful actions in life: eating, moving, loving, sleeping, drinking, creating shelter.

That is what is meant by "get grounded."

In fact, "get grounded" could mean "analyze less" a lot of the time for me.   

So, anyhow, I've been walking my talk by literally walking outside any chance I get. I did my coaching call this morning over the phone from my back yard. I'll probably go for a run later, and I definitely won't be drinking any caffeine or alcohol....not that those things are inherently bad, but both of them are pretty ungrounding for me. 

I'll look around and notice what I'm trying to control that I cannot. Then, I'll let it go. But I'll hold on even tighter to the things that increase my capacity for creativity and gratitude - good food and drink, enough sleep, being present with my kiddo, movement, laughing, nature. 

And I'll simplify in the places that distract me from supporting my foundation, accessing gratitude, and expanding my creativity. 

In case you didn't know, it's really hard to be creative when you lack any sense of security. 

I'll know the time is right when it feels easier. It'll still be a challenge, but the challenge won't be scrambling to do "enough" - it'll be stepping into who I really am more and more. 

I hope this post gives you permission to pause and remember to support your foundation. It's kind of a big deal.  

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