Use mind+body to trust yourself so that you can connect with the world in your most meaningful way. Everything you need is already inside you, and I can help you bring it out with an integrated approach. Schedule a 30-minute conversation with me. All questions welcome.

I want to meet you! And I know you probably want to get to know me too. You can schedule 30 minute meet & greet here

All questions are welcome.  

I know it can be very difficult to sort out our own stuff, which is why I'm here to help you one-on-one. 

I created my brand of mind/body coaching by compiling everything I learned in my own life about how to connect and trust myself in a holistic way. Read more of my personal story below.

My style of coaching is co-creative, which means YOU are a very important part of it! (that's why I only do 1:1 work) I'm not here to tell you what to do or who to be. I'm here to help you  become aware of the messages you are sending yourself, how to interpret them, and respond compassionately and constructively so you can create meaningful connection that changes lives. 

I help people who are inspired to connect with other people in a deeply meaningful way, but stumble in trusting themselves because of their own challenging history.

I'm different from mindset coaches because I know how important it is to integrate the body in this process. You can't really shift your mind without attention to your body. 

We're likely to be a great fit if you:

-were more creative and unconventional than most of your peers growing up

-can't stop thinking

-have heard over and over that you are too sensitive or too much

-have tried talk therapy or mindset coaches but only got so far

-are kind of spiritual

-see life more as big visions than day-to-day check lists

-struggle with anxiety in any form

-value balance but can't seem to achieve or maintain it

-seek to fulfill a sense of purpose 

-believe the world would be a better place if everyone acted from a place of love

Together we apply a process that emphasizes your inner-guidance.

Embrace your body messages and the deepest sense of who you really are

Identify your internal goals & your external goals and understand the difference

Make your internal goal the priority 

Be open to infinite choice and possibility in your external world

Integrate the skills you cultivated


One-on-one coaching packages are designed for long-term change with lots of support. I love providing resources that are right for you when you need them and I check in on my people between scheduled sessions.  

If you think one-on-one work is right for you, schedule a conversation with me. 

Working One-on-One

A three or six month co-creative commitment includes one or two 55-minute conversations per week, structured assignments as needed, text check-ins when you need immediate support, and a library of all of our conversations and notes you keep forever. Spots are limited and only open every three months. Openings available through October 31, 2019.

Emilie Hoffman        mind/body guide
The greatest thing I have ever done is reconnect to myself to reclaim the art of authentic loving.
I'm a mom, a wife, a scientist, a nature-lover, and a Pilates instructor. A big part of my story is reconnecting to myself after the experience of interpersonal trauma and becoming the strong and loving person I am at my very center. Everything in my life path up to this point has lead me to the wisdom that connection is key. 
Starting with ourselves and expanding outward, authentic and loving relationships are what make us feel whole and happy and empower us to do good in the world. After years of trying to "fix" things by focusing on things outside of me, I finally got the memo: it's an inside job.
When the mind and body (and spirit if you're into that) are working together with ease, decisions are easier and connections can be deep, meaningful, and powerful.
Of course I'm passionate about my work! Nothing feels better than changing lives and the world at the same time. 
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