Healing means re-connecting to lost aspects of yourself, integrating new aspects of yourself, and cultivating authentic connections with others. I see trauma a what happens when we are disconnected from parts of ourselves without consent. It leaves us confused, hurting, and feeling physically unwell. Reclaim and reintegrate your whole self so you can connect with the world the way you really desire to. I help you integrate mind+body+soul with somatic work, practical psychology, and intuition so that you can heal, rise, and connect with others by shining your own light. Get started easily online with an intuitive healing session that will clarify your strongest elements, where you have an emotional block or wound, and what you can do for yourself right now.

"I am so thankful to have met Emilie and to have her walking alongside me as I learn and practice skills to become the best version of myself. She has helped me to develop a trusting relationship with my body and my soul. She is kind, and real, and funny. Her intuition is on point. She always seems to know just where to go next. Working with her has helped me to calm my nervous system. I am learning how to listen to my body and live my life in a way that feels most aligned to my soul's purpose. For me, she has absolutley been a breath of fresh air, the perfect balance of Yin and Yang, Feelings and Actions, Science and Soul. I highly recommend working with her if you're into that sort of thing. That sort of thing being feeling like you are authentically YOU in your body and in your life"

1:1 coaching client

"It had a very different feel than being in a counselor’s office. For me, I think the fact that Emilie RELATED to me, expressed personal understanding for my current methods, strategies, hangups and disconnected patterns - that made her a real person to me with knowledge of being in my shoes and answers on how to get out. I saw/see her as hope. Our stories are different, but a lot of the lessons are the same so she holds information on how to get to this elusive place of authenticity and break old habits/patterns. She holds wisdom about the mind+body+soul connection that is necessary in this healing journey. She offers techniques to incorporate them into the journey. This is a BIG piece I’ve been missing."

1:1 coaching client

"My work with Emilie was incredibly enlightening and practical. She helped me to understand something that I'd been unconsciously bracing against regarding my work. This shift allowed me to surrender and let my gifts flow more naturally. "

Intuitive Healing Session Review

"I honestly have never had someone hold space, validate my feelings, and show up so authentically for me before."

Intuitive Healing Session Review

"Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with me. A lot of the things you bring up are things that I am aware of but as you hold them up in this new light I can see them in a positive and helpful way. Your description is positive and helpful even as you are describing things that have caused me discomfort and disappointment. I'm excited to see where following these ideas takes me Thank you again for sharing what you have to offer; I really appreciate it."

Intuitive Healing Session Review

"Emilie's session was eye-opening and transformative in so many ways. She has a special ability to see you - and intuitively know what message you need to hear. I was feeling conflicted about a decision, and was seeking greater clarity. After her session, I felt a surge of lightness, ease, and confidence in the direction I knew I wanted to head. In a sense, she helped me return home to myself and remind me that I had the answer I was seeking. Emilie helped me through her calming, supportive presence and in knowing what steps to take next to make my decision. I am forever grateful and would highly recommend Emilie in all of the services she offers, but especially her intuitive sessions!"

Intuitive Healing Session Review

I help sensitive and empathic people on a healing path so that they can connect authentically with their world and pursue their sense of purpose.

This approach is different from traditional talk therapies or mindset strategies because it integrates the body to give you more understanding. And, unlike passive body-centered approaches, this method gives you agency over your own physical experiences.  

We're probably a great fit if you:

-have experienced trauma

-suffer from anxiety in any form

-identify as or suspect you are in the "gifted" population; learn more here

-have heard over and over that you are "too sensitive" or "too much"

-have tried talk therapy or mindset coaches and found it helpful, but not as helpful as you hoped

-are kind of spiritual

-believe everyone has a gift to give, including you

Start with an intuitive session online, or a mind/body integration session in person to help you draw a map of where you are and what's next in your journey. 

If you want to take this work deeper and have guidance as you move through the healing process, then consider a 1:1 coaching package. 

All work with me is co-creative. Your input and inquiry is an important part of the process. I see healing as connecting to and reclaiming your authentic self in understanding, embodiment, and expression. 

First, create a sense of grounded security and learn how to nurture it.

You'll find a sense of security within yourself and then work to create an external environment that supports that sense of security. 

Then, open up to new possibilities and get support as you expand into them.

Approaching yourself with curiosity allows you to welcome back "lost" parts of yourself and make friends with new aspects that may arise.  

Get lots of mind/body skills along the way.

Embodying all your aspects - old and new is important to really feel that they are a part of you. This means feeling them through sensations, expressing them through movement, and representing them through new habits, behavior, or language. 

Connect to your inner wisdom and listen to your body messages to make aligned decisions and take aligned actions. 

The more connected you are to yourself, the more you'll be aware of internal messages about what you want to say yes or no to. Using playful experimentation, you can experiment with honoring those messages.

Once you build confidence, you can take this work into other situations to help you achieve goals and guide relationships. Best of all, you'll feel a deeper sense of trust in yourself. 

Celebrate! This work is huge, and healing is an on-going process. 

Life always presents us with new challenges that push the limits of our capacity to stay holistically connected with ourselves. We can expect those ruptures to happen, and we can be prepared to repair them with mind/body skills of connection. 

Authentically connect with others. This is deep inner-work, but it is NOT meant to be solitary work. You need a community that supports you by witnessing your experience with love, and holding space for the whole you. 

You can expect these results:

  • new insight about who you have the capacity to be, and what may be distracting you from your authentically divine self 
  • positive, empowering changes in your relationship with yourself
  • becoming more authentic and confident in how you present yourself to the world
  • exchanging unhelpful habits for supportive, grounding habits
  • trying new things
  • releasing the drive for external validation, and engaging in the sweet process of life
  • many body-centered skills to help you navigate challenging circumstances
  • new perspective on relationships
  • a deeper sense of confidence and more awareness of your capability
  • clarity about what you value and how you can create your life based on your values and your inner wisdom

If you're working with me online, start with an intuitive healing session to get clarity on where you're at in your healing journey right now. You'll learn where your energy in strong and where an emotional wound is still keeping you apart from your authentic self. 

If you're in Helena, MT and you want to work in-person, come visit me in my studio for a mind/body integration session. We'll uncover unconscious patterns and explore how to make holistic, energetic shifts through embodiment. 

To deepen this work, book a consultation for 1:1 coaching with me to map a healing path together so you can reclaim and reconnect with your whole self in order to connect with the world in your most meaningful way. 


  • New insight about who you have the capacity to be, and what may be distracting you from your authentically divine self 
  • Positive, empowering changes in your relationship with yourself
  • Becoming more authentic and confident in how you present yourself to the world
  • Exchanging unhelpful habits for supportive, grounding habits
  • Trying new things
  • Releasing the drive for external validation, and engaging in the sweet process of life
  • Many body-centered skills to help you navigate challenging circumstances
  • New perspective on relationships
  • A deeper sense of confidence and more awareness of your capability
  • Clarity about what you value and how you can create your life based on your values and your inner wisdom

Intuitive Healing Session

Get intuitive insight about your unique strength, an emotional wound that holds you back, and what you can do now to help yourself heal and move forward. These sessions offer authentic connection, information, and support. A 30-minute video call will help me learn a little about you and soak up the energy of who you are. I’ll also provide any real-time intuitive feedback that flows through during the course of our conversation. Over the following days, I'll do a meditation just about you, and what you can do to empower and connect to yourself right now. Then, I'll give you a full-length personalized video report. This is a new service priced at an intro rate of $75 (discounted from full price $127).

Mind/Body Integration Session

If you're working with Emilie in person, start with a mind/body integration session. Come visit me in the Pilates studio to do healing work together in person. The body holds memories and patterns that our conscious mind is not aware of. I use a Pilates-based system to guide you through a series to listen to what your body has to say. Movement can help reveal those memories and patterns, and create a safe and creative space to change them. Studio sessions $75. The link below will direct you to the Waxwing Pilates Studio schedule.

One-on-One Coaching Packages

Coaching for Mind/Body Healing is a perfect follow-up to an intuitive session or an integration session in the studio. Coaching is a much deeper dive into a healing journey that will help you cultivate a grounded place of understanding from which to expand into your self and the world. Coaching is available in-person or online as a package with additional support. A one-on-one coaching package is a long-term co-creative commitment designed to map a healing path and guide you down it. Our commitment includes: weekly one-hour meetings, structured assignments as appropriate, text check-ins when you need immediate support, intuitive guidance, bonus one-hour meetings scheduled as desired, and a library of all of our live video calls.

Emilie Hoffman
mind/body healing guide

I’m on a mission to redefine trauma and healing. I'm here to help you heal, be resilient, and connect with the world in your most meaningful way, using somatic work, practical psychology, and intuition.

I'm a mom, a wife, a scientist, a nature-lover, a guide and mentor, and a Pilates instructor. A big part of my story is cultivating wisdom from painful experiences and reconnecting to myself to become the strong and loving person I am at my very center.

Trauma isn’t something that happens to you - it’s something that happens inside of you when you lose connection with parts of yourself against your will. Sometimes a stable relationship with ourselves is ruptured, and we must repair it to feel whole and live our purpose. Authentic and loving relationships with ourselves and others allow us be whole and happy, and empower us to do good in the world.

After years (maybe decades) of coping with my own trauma and trying to "fix" myself by focusing on things outside of me, I finally got the memo: it's an inside job. When the mind and body and spirit are working together with ease, everything deep, meaningful, and powerful falls into place. You’ve always been enough. You don’t need to be fixed you need to be reclaimed. And on that healing path, you’ll find amazing things within you that surprise and delight!  

Everything conventional I tried fell short. I was still suffering physically and mentally, and had drifted away from a spiritual connection with myself. I had a vast intellectual understanding of clinical explanations for my pain, but I hated defining myself in way that made me sound deficient and left me feeling small and weak.  

It is an inside job, but it is not a solitary job! Everyone needs a connection with someone (ideally a whole community) that can hold space for them, help them sort through their own pieces when they fall apart, and celebrate them in their authenticity. Humans are interdependent beings, and that is part of all of our individual truths that needs to be embraced for us to experience wholeness and healing. 

Intentional movement and authentic connection became part of my regular life. I discovered new stories I could own, and new ways to embody the energies I needed to take meaningful actions. I got pregnant and began to study intergenerational patterns. I began to find my own essence and infinite rhythms. And I felt GOOD. 

It’s been a few years now of doing my own research and developing my own practices, and things just keep getting better. Of course I'm passionate about my work! Nothing feels better than changing lives and the world at the same time. If my story resonates with yours, I hope you’ll join me. 

Get started with an online or in-person session. If you're ready to dive deep with extended support, book a free 1:1 coaching consultation. 


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